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We take care of the diet of our senior citizens

At Arcasa we focus totally on people and their needs. We want to contribute to the residents’ nutrition with dishes of high nutritional value that can be enjoyed with all the senses and make mealtimes a pleasant moment.

Just like at home

Following the criteria of a healthy diet based on the Mediterranean diet, we prepare the menus taking into account the needs of each resident. Their well-being is our priority.

Attention focused on the person

We have a Dietetics-Nutrition team that adapts to the specificities and requirements of each person.

Transparency and safety

We maintain fluid communication with residents and their families so that they have all the information about our services.

We continually update ourselves to apply all the necessary security measures.

Our services

Our commitments

If you want to know more about our services in residences for the elderly, fill out the contact form.

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