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Leisure and free time

Catering service for any kind of premises

Our experience in catering for communities allows us to efficiently manage cafeterias and restaurants in all kinds of facilities, such as sports or cultural centres.

Sports clubs

Sports clubs are places where you can do exercise, but also where you can socialize with other people. In this sense, the restaurant service is an ideal complement to sports facilities. From Arcasa we offer options for all users, from those who take advantage of lunchtime to do sports and eat quickly to those who have more time and want to enjoy a meal and a chat with friends.

Museums / Cultural Centers

In order to offer a more complete experience to their visitors or to dynamize certain days, many cultural centres have chosen to incorporate the restaurant service. From Arcasa we take care to provide a service and a gastronomic offer that meets the expectations of users.

Our services

Our commitments

If you want to know more about our services for leisure and free time, fill out the contact form.

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