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Educational centers

We make your Lunchtime space grow

We offer comprehensive management of the Lunchtime Space, which includes the planning and preparation of menus following Arcasa’s own quality and nutrition criteria, as well as carrying out activities so that children can continue to develop their potential during this period of time.

A balanced and adapted diet

We base our menus on Mediterranean food and local and seasonal products, to offer children balanced dishes that provide them with all the nutrients they need.

Similarly, we adapt to the needs of each student, taking into account allergies and intolerances, religious traditions and the nutritional habits of families.

Information for parents and at school

We put at the disposal of parents and the school management agile, fluid and transparent communication channels to inform about the menus and news of the service. Ari, the character who explains the menus to the children, will keep you informed.

Nutritional education

We understand our work in schools as an opportunity to help children acquire healthy lifestyle habits. Ari is in charge of transmitting good practices and our Dietitian-Nutritionist team is in charge of giving nutritional talks in schools.

Our partners

In collaboration with our specialized partners, we integrate the educational project of the center in the Lunchtime Space, so that children may acquire social and emotional skills, as well as healthy eating habits.

Our services

Our commitments

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