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Feeding talent

We see the company’s cafeteria-restaurant as a space at the service of the staff; a place where you can find a varied gastronomic offer to eat healthily during the week, but also a different space where you can work on ideas. Our dining rooms are places where good food and company talent come together.

Your canteen, your image

The company’s canteen must also be based on the company’s values and it is important to take care of the quality of the food, the service and the design of the space. We understand that the company ensures the well-being of the workers at all times and that is why the food offered in its dining room must be a source of health and enjoyment.


We have created the Food & Talent concept, which consists of creating multipurpose areas within the cafeteria-restaurant because we understand it as a space where company talent and food come together. These areas are designed to promote communication and team building. In addition, there are spaces where you can hold team meetings or receive visits. All accompanied by a varied and healthy gastronomic offer.


We provide digital communication tools between Arcasa and the company and also its workers. We have information screens and applications where you can consult the menus, allergens and nutritional information, as well as place orders and take away orders. There is also the possibility of connecting our applications with those of the company.

Dynamization of the service

We take into account the work that is done in each company and we adapt the offer to their needs, always following healthy eating criteria. We propose different presentation formats and menu and dish options. We also offer the possibility of organizing special gastronomic days and preparing themed menus.

Our services

Our commitments

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