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Our commitments

Diet and nutrition

At Arcasa we offer quality nutrition to all our users.

We promote healthy lifestyle habits, with a balanced, sustainable and locally produced diet.

Our Dietetics and Nutrition department plans food with specific nutritional criteria for each person, based on a technical analysis, and adapted to the specific needs of each of our users.

We are sensitive to the needs of especially vulnerable groups and our diets include all dietary and therapeutic varieties.

  • We give a Personalized Treatment in cases where there are allergies or food intolerances.

  • We offer Nutritional Counseling in the school, health, social health and social sectors.

  • We promote the Mediterranean Diet, understood as a lifestyle with multiple added values, which stimulates local production and consumption, encourages agriculture that respects the environment and promotes regional exchanges and initiatives.

  • Since 2010 we have the AMED certification in all cafeterias (the first group company to obtain it); and the AQUI FRUITA SI certification.

  • We are promoters of the PAASS and PINSAP projects of the Public Health Agency of Catalonia, and of the PREME School Menus Review Project.

  • We have been recognized with the Blanquerna Prize and the CoDiNuCaTPrize, and we regularly participate in different round tables, forums and national congresses in the field of collective catering.

Relationship with clients

At Arcasa we believe that the projects and links that unite us with our clients must be managed from the beginning according to a model that starts from a design, development and monitoring in which the client is the protagonist.

Meeting your needs and meeting the commitments we make is one of our highest priorities. Therefore, we put all our knowledge of the market and our professionalism at your service.

Customer partnership system

We build projects of collaboration, growth and continuous improvement thanks to the complicity with our clients. With a vocation for development in the medium and long term.

Improved user experience

Our philosophy is based on the development of solutions adapted to the specific needs of each user to achieve maximum satisfaction.

Management transparency

We share with the client all the necessary information to be able to correctly monitor the management and thus create an environment of trust.

Team integrating culture

We adapt to all situations and we have a strong culture of integration in the management of services. We believe that all the people involved in the management (both Arcasa staff and facility staff) are part of the same team that must work in a coordinated and collaborative way.

Quality and food safety

The main objective of our Quality Department is to guarantee food safety during all the production processes of our kitchens, as well as to actively collaborate in the implementation of environmental policies.

Our team of quality and food safety technicians ensures compliance with the Hazard Analysis and Critical Control Points (HACCP) system with all sanitary control management tools.

We have a Comprehensive Management System to support processes, evaluate the activity that is developed and participate in the search for new objectives and indicators that help us constantly improve, always taking into account compliance with current regulations, internal requirements and those of our clients.

Arcasa, a certified company

Quality Management System: ISO 9001

Environmental management system ISO 14001

Occupational Health and Safety | ISO 45001

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